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What are Crafts for Learning Programs Like?

Crafts for Learning programs are hands-on workshops that use everyday crafts, household, and recycled materials to teach real concepts about robotics, electronics, engineering, and other topics. For most programs participants get to keep their projects so they can continue learning, exploring, and experimenting even when the workshop is over!

What Kind of Programs are Available?

  • Hands-on Programs for Kids and Adults – Choose a program that ties in with Kathy’s activity books or your curriculum or learning theme. Programs can be developed to fit your needs.
  • Educator and Parent Workshops – Learn how hands-on activities enhance understanding. Adult workshops can include one or more craft projects.
  • Family or Community Presentations - Evening or weekend sessions are a fun way to bring together people of all ages!
  • Author Q&A -- Learn about the process of designing building projects for kids and the research that goes into writing and illustrating an educational activity book.

What is Required to Host a Program?

Generally all that is needed is workspace (tables, chairs) for each participant. You may also be asked to provide adult staff members or volunteers who can help during the program, depending on the age and project chosen. All tools and materials are provided unless otherwise noted.

What Do Programs Cost?

Generally $300-$450 per session, depending on length of program, materials and travel costs (all included). School programs in New York State are eligible for aid through BOCES Arts in Education.

What is Included in the Fee?

The program fee include all craft materials and travel expenses unless otherwise indicated. Mileage is calculated from Saratoga Springs, NY.

Are Discounts Available?

Ask about discounts for full- or half-day school programs, or for two or more sessions at the same library and for nearby organizations which book programs together for the same visit.

How Long Do Programs Run?

Library programs generally run 60-90 minutes. School programs can run 45-60 minutes. Programs can be custom-designed to suit your needs.

What Age Level Are Programs For?

Ages 7 through 12 (grades 2-7). Some projects are suitable for younger students with adult assistance. Teen programs and educator professional development available.

What Size Group are Programs For?

Programs can accommodate up to 30 participants at a time. For larger groups, multiple sessions can be held in a library, activity or art room, or programs can be put on a cart to move from room to room.



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