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Build a Bug House! Elementary Life Science Activities

Butterfly Pavilion


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Bug House Printable
Here are some great springtime biology activities to do with your students! This packet includes information and instructions to make six different insect dwellings:

• Jelly Jar Firefly Lantern
• Terrarium for Ladybugs
• Two-Jar Ant Farm
• Chinese Singing Cricket Cage
• Worm Bin
• Butterfly Pavilion
These are all easy projects using only ordinary crafts and recycled household materials and cost less than $1 per student. Some can be done in one hour, others will take a few days to put together.

Use your bug houses for decoration or classroom observation. Go on a nature walk and find your own bugs! You can also order them from science supply houses (links included).

Each project includes facts about the bug, how to catch it, and how to keep it alive for a short time in the bug house. Step-by-step text and pictures make it easy to follow the instructions. I've done these projects with afterschool programs for grades 2 and up with great success. They also work very well for an inexpensive and quick homeschooling life science activity.
Cricket Cage
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printable activity packets on
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Build a Bug House


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