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Books by Kathy Ceceri
Robotics book

Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future

By Kathy Ceceri

Robot Arm

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Silk Road book

The Silk Road: Explore the World's Most Famous Trade Route

Written and Illustrated by Kathy Ceceri

Model Yurt

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Extra! Visit the Nomad Press website to find Silk Road books, websites, and a sample activity!

See programs based on The Silk Road

Discover the Silk Road

Skipping Stones Honor Award

Discover the Desert: The Driest Place on Earth

2010 Skipping Stones Honor Award WInner!

Explore Cool Science and Amazing History with 20 Fun Activities

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And find lots of desert resources at the Nomad Press
Discover the Desert webpage.

Extra! Hatch Your Own Prehistoric Desert Triops

Desert Triops Shrimp

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World Myths and Legends

World Myths and Legends: 25 Projects You Can Build Yourself

Multicultural Literature, History, and Science Activities!

Hindu Rangoli

Available in Paperback and Hardcover

Extra! Fun facts and more resources for enjoying World Myths and Legends

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Around the World Crafts:
Great Activities for Kids Who Like History, Math, Art, Science and More!

Available as:

downloadable eBook from Scribd

large-size full-color paperback from Amazon


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Robotics Book

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