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Fabric Inventions

New! Fabric and Fiber Inventions

Discover how easy it is to turn everyday materials into unique designs everybody will love!

Weave a fabric basket, quilt a fold-up checkerboard, and design a wearable tent

Create photographic prints using only acrylic paint and the sun

Upcycle old sweaters into cozy hats, mittens, and scarves

Crochet transformable roll-up scarves and knit cute miniatures

Use felt and yarn to make light-up keychains and unique audio speakers

Sock Creature

Musical Inventions

New! Musical Inventions



Learn how different shapes, sizes, and materials produce different sounds by designing and building your own musical inventions!

Explore the history and science behind musical instruments, from the mammoth bone flutes to synthesizers you play with a wave of your hand from across the stage.

Create instruments from kitchenware, recycled materials, old toys -- even vegetables -- and have fun playing music that has never been heard before!

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from Northshire Bookstore

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And More Great STEAM Titles!

Paper Inventions book

Paper Inventions: Machines That Move,
Drawings That Light Up, Wearables and Structures
You Can Cut, Fold, and Roll

2015 World Maker Faire New York Best Seller!

Create STEAM projects -- science, technology, engineering, art and math -- using ordinary paper

Light Up Cat

Autographed copies available from Northshire Bookstore

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Robotics book

Robotics: Discover the Science
and Technology of the Future

2012 Chicago Public Library "Best of the Best"Robot Hand

Build real robotics projects using everyday stuff!
No computers or special skills needed!

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Making Simple Robots

Making Simple Robots

Create programmable bodies from everyday materials!

Go from low-tech projects to soldering, 3D printing, and Arduino programming

LED eyes

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Autographed copies available from Northshire Bookstore

Edible Inventions

Edible Inventions

Delicious and exotic experiments that teach science concepts and the history behind them!

3D Food Printer

  • Make a Tin Can Cooker (directions)
  • Explore 3D printing with chocolate
  • Bubble up some chemical cuisine
  • Hack your favorite snacks
  • Regrow Zombie Veggies
  • Go off the grid with Solar Ovens

Autographed copies available from Northshire Bookstore

Video Games Cover

Video Games

Find out what makes them so popular!

Design your own video games from concept
to programming

Makey Makey Sports Games

  • Discover where games come from
  • Explore how games affect the brain
  • Learn to create games step by step
  • Build board games to test ideas
  • Code games using MIT's free online Scratch software!

Autographed copies available from Northshire Bookstore

Other fun hands-on learning books by Kathy Ceceri
Micronations Silk Road Geek Mom
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