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Silk Road Programs for Schools and Libraries


Ancient Discoveries from the Silk Road is a series of multicultural, multidisciplinary programs for grades 2-8 that teach kids about history, geography, art, science, and technology.

Author and illustrator Kathy Ceceri will lead participants along the ancient trading route connecting Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and China using stories, games, and hands-on crafts and activities.

Contact Kathy about one of the projects below, or to have a program designed just for your group!

Silk Road Book

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Chinese Abacus

The Chinese abacus spread from the Mediterranean to China along the Silk Road. Build a working model and learn how to use it to count and add!

Sand Design Bottle

Sand Bottle

Learn about the singing sand dunes described by Marco Polo on his journey from Venice to the palace of Kublai Khan. Use techniques from the ancient trade city of Petra to make a beautiful sand design bottle.

Three Hares emblem

3 Hares


The art, architecture, music, stories and pastimes of the Silk Road spread from one end to the other. Hear about the mysterious Three Hares image found from England to China.

Geometric designs

Geometric Designs

Mathematicians still study the elaborate geometric designs found on buildings throughout the Silk Road region. Learn to create your own using a few simple shapes.

Felt Carpet

Felt Rug

Experience what it's like to live in a yurt (a round tent) on the plains of Central Asia, sample regional foods like yogurt cheese and spicy tea, and use felt to create a traditional rug design.

Glass evil eye charm

Evil Eye Glass Bead



Discover the secrets behind trade goods such as silk, glass, porcelain, and spices that made them so valuable.

Three Hares Girl

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