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Robotics: Discover the Science
and Technology of the Future

By Kathy Ceceri

Robotics book

Published by Nomad Press

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Build Projects Based
on Real Robots!

All You Need Are Everyday Materials
and Recycled Parts

No Computers or Special Skills Needed!

Robotic Arm

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Once, robots were only found in science fiction books and movies. Today, robots are everywhere! They vacuum our houses and mow our lawns. Robot toys play with us, follow our commands, and respond to our moods. We even send robots to explore the depths of the ocean and other planets. That’s why robotics -- the science of designing, building and operating robots – is one of the most exciting fields around.

Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future shows kids ages 9-12 how to make:

  • Robots that walk using gravity!
  • Sensors that react to touch!
  • Robots that turn to follow a light!
  • Computer programs for turtle robots!

Kids will love creating cool robot designs
that really work!

Learn How to Build These Amazing Robotics Projects!

Hack a Line-Following Car
Into a Light-Seeking Robot

Doodle Track Hack Robot

Learn how sensors work as you turn a Doodle Track Car into a classic robot.

Build a Solar-Powered Wobblebot

Solar Wobblebot

Make this BEAM-type robot from recycled materials that dances and skips around in sunshine or bright indoor light.
(Video) (Directions)

Hydraulic Robotic Arm

Robot Arm

Build a cardboard model of the fluid-powered robotic arms used in factories. (Video)

Robotic Hand

Robot Hand

Learn how roboticists use cables to make lifelike hands with fingers that really bend.
(Printable Template)(Directions)

Frubbery Robotic Skin

Frubbery Skin

Use chemistry to mix up a batch of soft, stretchy humanoid skin. (Video)

Mini Robotic Walker

Robot Mini Walker



Build a gravity-powered walker like those being studied in real robotics labs!
(Video) (Printable Template)


Pressure Sensor

Make pressure sensors that can give robots a sense of touch. Tilt sensors and accelerometers are used in smart phones and game controllers as well as robots. (Video)



Design your own motorized Art-Making Vibrobot,
a primitive kind of robot that shakes and rattles its way around the table, drawing as it goes!
(Video) (Directions)


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