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Great Programs for Kids, Teens, and Educators

Crafts for Learning workshops help kids connect cutting-edge research to the world around them.
Learn about scientific concepts with hands-on projects made from everyday stuff!

  • Programs for kids ages 7-10 and teens ages 12-16
  • Professional development for teachers and librarians
  • Workshops run 90 minutes and can take up to 25 participants/15 for teens
  • All materials and tools are provided (except recycled paper goods and computers)
    Best of all, kids keep their individual projects and learn about free online programs to continue their exploration at school, the library, or at home!

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Musical Inventions -- Libraries Rock! 2018 Summer Program
Musical Inventions

Musical Inventions Projects

Ages 7 and up

  • Paper Poppers and Straw Oboes
Straw Oboe

Explore the physics of sound using homemade musical instruments and devices!

Kids can try out a variety of unusual musical gadgets such as balloon-top drums, toolbox xylophones, circuit bent musical greeting cards, and DIY theremins, then design and make a project of their own to take home.

Ages 10 and up

  • Paint Stirrer Bullroarers
  • Wooden Thumb Pianos
  • Cardboard Record Players
Thumb Piano

Teens (ages 12 and up)

  • DIY Audio Speakers and Mics
  • Electronic Music Board with Makey Makey and Scratch (computers required)
Copper Foil Audio Speaker
Paper Inventions


Choose from projects featured in Paper Inventions for ages 10 and up, including...

Paper Inventions

Geodesic Dome Clubhouse
Paper engineering using recycled newspaper

Library GeoDome

Light-Up Paper Circuits
Make creations featuring DIY electrical circuits, switches, and sensors

Pressure Sensor

Paper Math Projects
Origami Robots, Mysterious Mobius Strips, Foldable Fractals, and Fun Hexaflexagons

Paper Math

Paper Art
Create rolled quilling designs and recycled magazine bracelets

Quilling Sampler

Amazing Robotics Projects

Choose a project from Robotics or Making Simple Robots like these...

Robotics book

Making Simple Robots

Motorized ArtBots
Create drawings with a "smart body" robot


Gravity-Powered Robot Walkers
Born in the lab, inspired by nature

Robot Walker

Robot Hands
Bendable cardboard models that work just like real 3D printed prosthetics for kids

Robot Hand

Solar WobbleBots -- For Teens!
Reuse old electronics to make a solar-powered robot with a programmable body

WobbleBot Boys

Video Games: Design and Code Your Own Adventure

Programs for older kids and teens based on Video Games: Design and Code Your Own AdventureVideo Games Book

Invent a Game for Good

How do games keep players interested and excited? Use real game development techniques to help players help themselves and their world.

Games for Good

Makey Makey Creative
Game Controllers

Build dance or sport game controllers and program them with free Scratch programming!
(2-4 computers are required.)

Makey Makey Sports Game
Coming Soon! Fabric and Fiber Inventions

Fabric Inventions cover

Make soft circuits using DIY switches and sensors, try mini silk screening with fun inks, or learn new twists on favorite needle arts! Sock Monsters
Edible Inventions
Edible Inventions

Try crazy Molecular Cuisine recipes using gels and foams, learn the history of butter making machines, or make instant Dry Ice Sorbet!


Fizzy Lemonad
Start Your Own Mini Makerspace
No Matter What Your Budget or Background,
You Can Help Kids Become Inventors and Makers!
  • Learn easy low tech/no tech projects you can do right now
  • Get advice about which tools and kits are worth the investment

Whether you're planning a dedicated room or a "Makerspace in a Box,"
you can introduce kids of any age and interest to
science and engineering concepts.

Thinking of hosting a Mini Maker Faire? I can share my experience as organizer and exhibitor!

**Find a List of Recommended Makerspace Resources Here**

3D Printing Girl
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