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For each abacus you will need:

6 craft foam tabs
5 pins
25 beads

Mini Abacus

To make a Mini-Abacus, assemble the materials in your kit (available in person or contact us for info) or make your own with the following supplies:

A sheet of sticky-back craft foam
2-inch eye pins (used for beaded jewelry)
Small beads (large enough to fit on the pins)
Sticky-back pin fastenings OR Toggle clasps (you only need the loop) and lanyard hooks.

Cut the craft foam into strips, the long way, just over a quarter of an inch wide. Then cut each strip into tabs 1 3/4 inch long.




Assemble your abacus according to the illustrated instructions. For a keychain decoration, press the loop from a toggle clasp onto the last cross beam before sealing. Attach to a keychain or backpack with a lanyard hook. To wear as a pin, affix the pre-glued pin to the back of the middle crossbeam.

Learn how to count and add on the abacus in Kathy's Silk Road book and programs!

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