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Check Out our STEAM Programs for 2016

Paper Inventions

Paper Inventions book

2015 Maker Faire Best Seller!

Create STEAM projects -- science, technology, engineering, art and math -- using ordinary paper

Light Up Cat

  • Add lights to paper designs

  • Build a geodesic club house

  • Create simple paper machines

  • Make your own handmade paper

Autographed copies available through Northshire Bookstore

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Making Simple Robots

Making Simple Robots

Create programmable bodies from everyday materials!

Go from low-tech projects to soldering, 3D printing, and Arduino programming

LED eyes

  • Make a balloon air muscle

  • 3D print your own robot legs

  • Animate a robot eye

  • Solder a Solar Wobblebot

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Autographed copies available through Northshire Bookstore

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Video Games

Video Games Cover

Explore the history of video games and find out what makes them so popular!

Design your own games from concept to testing to programming


  • Discover where games come from

  • Learn to create games step by step

  • Build board games to test ideas

  • Code games using MIT's free online Scratch software!

Autographed copies available through Northshire Bookstore

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Discover the Science and Technology of the Future

Robotics book

2012 Chicago Public Library "Best of the Best" Book!

Build real robotics projects using household materials and recycled toys and devices!
No computers or special skills needed!

Hydraulic Arm

  • Make a robot hand that opens and closes
  • Build a hydraulic robot arm
  • Design your own motorized ArtBot
  • Put together a Solar WobbleBot

Robot Hand

Autographed copies available through Northshire Bookstore

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Crafts for Learning Programs

Crafts for Learning programs are one-time or multi-session workshops that introduce students to real-world research using hands-on projects.

Best of all, students get to keep their projects and continue their exploration at school or home! Professional development workshops for teachers and librarians are also available.

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Amazing Robotics Projects!

Choose from programs that teach about robots with "smart bodies," 3D printed robots, solar powered robots, and more with projects such as:

  • Robot hands that open and close
  • Gravity-powered robot walkers
  • Motorized ArtBots
  • Paper robots that assemble themselves
Girl Walker
Paper Inventions!

Simple Circuit

Choose from programs that teach STEAM concepts like electrical circuits and materials engineering with projects such as:

  • Light-up paper designs
  • Paper math puzzles
  • Paper machines that really move
  • Newspaper geodesic dome
Video Games: Design and Code Your Own Adventure!
Choose from programs that teach how video games are created from concept to console with projects such as:
  • Turn a story into an adventure game
  • Make a board game test version
  • Program a game using Scratch
Scratch screen

Try Sample Projects From Kathy's Books and Workshops Now!

Balloon Muscle

Create a Mini Makerspace!

Librarian Robots

No matter what your budget or background, you can help children become
inventors and Makers!
  • Learn easy low tech/no tech projects you can do right now
  • Explore tools and resources for classroom or home

Whether you're planning a dedicated room or a "Makerspace in a Box," this workshop helps you introduce kids of any age and interest to science and engineering concepts.

**Explore Makerspace Resources Here**

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Girl Robot Hand

Paper Inventions

Making Simple Robots

Robotics Book

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