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Make: Paper Inventions

Paper Inventions will help you join the Maker Movement with great STEAM activities using everyday paper!

Learn about electrical circuits and LEDs by designing your own Light-up Paper Inventions.

Use paper to build yourself a geodesic club house, make simple paper machines that really move, and amaze your friends with magical paper math tricks.

You'll even learn to make your own paper to help make your creations truly unique!

Contact Kathy for Paper Inventions programs for schools and libraries.

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Making Simple Robots

You can make robots that really work from everyday stuff, but why stop there? Making Simple Robots will teach you the basics of soldering, 3D printing, Arduino programming and more!

With projects that range from simple to advanced, you can make paper models bend themselves with shape-changing wire, design 3D-printable robot legs, build a flexible robot with a "programmable" body, add transistors to a simple Solar Wobblebot, and get step-by-step help to sew, wire up, and program a stuffed robot with an animated eye!

Check out Amazing Robotics programs for schools and libraries.

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Video Games:
Design and Code Your Own Adventure!

What makes games so much fun to play? What do ancient board games like mancala and modern games like D&D have in common with electronic games like Minecraft?

Find out how games are created, design your games using physical prototypes, and learn how to code by making video games using MIT's Scratch software!


Contact Kathy for Video Game programs for schools and libraries.

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Robotics: Discover the Science
and Technology of the Future

by Kathy Ceceri

Robotics book

2012 Chicago Public Library "Best of the Best" Book!

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Build real robotics projects inspired by actual research
using household materials and recycled toys and devices!
No computers or special skills needed!

Robot Arm

Check out Amazing Robotics Programs
for Schools, Museums, and Libraries

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